May 26, 2021Liked by Love, Andrew

"Likely, we have become someone new since we last began"

Thank you for the beautiful words of assurance, Andrew. I am currently progressing myself to resign the work that I love so much. I am full of fear and doubts to resign as I found growth and developed myself into the person I am now because of my work. I realize I have so much potential to offer for this world yet I am so scared to start over again. To start over; doing what I really wanted to do. I know I can do things great or even better instead of staying in my work where I mostly do things according to orders and limited to projects goals and KPIs. However, the thought of uncertainties of what I will be facing in the future (self-worth, pandemic, financial, etc..) is making me scared to start over. When I read this, it gave me a new sense of breath, I believe the person I am now in order to face my becoming.

Thank you so much Andrew for reminding me that the person I am now was so much different (and better) compare the person I was in the early phase of my career. Keep making genuine, beautiful and empowering stories.

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