Dear Andrew

An advice column by Andrew Anabi.

The next one is almost always better.
When your story is over, imagine you will be shown a picture of the beautiful person you were meant to become. The point of life is to find the courage…
The first step to finding meaning in our lives is to acknowledge that the potential for something greater is here. 
When relationships fade, our only ‘real’ choice is to keep going. We must keep living and keep trying. We must keep our hearts open to the serendipity…
Finding ourselves is about embracing the mystery that is us; the mystery between who we are and who we are about to become. 
We must relinquish the identities we have been struggling to maintain so we can create a self that is larger and more generous than before. 
Moving on requires self-forgiveness. We must forgive ourselves for how little we know. We must give ourselves permission to begin again even if we are…
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